Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Strategies for Achieving Great Parks and Commons...

I find myself spending a lot of time thinking about what makes a great public space and what do we need to take into consideration when creating these spaces.  The new Green Line in St. Paul is soon to open and as we anticipate the opening here are some really good strategies to take into consideration as we contemplate,  "greening"  the Green Line,  along with an article on some parks that seem to be doing it right from the Project for Public Spaces blog.

Strategies for Achieving Great Parks

Through nearly 30 years of observation and analysis, PPS has identified nine strategies that help parks achieve their full potential as active public spaces that enhance neighborhoods and catalyze economic development. The parks profiled in this article provide excellent examples of these strategies in practice.
  • Use transit as a catalyst for attracting visitors
  • Make management of the park a central concern
  • Develop strategies to attract people during different seasons
  • Acquire diverse funding sources
  • Design the park layout for flexibility
  • Consider both the “inner park” and “outer park”
  • Provide amenities for the different groups of people using the park
  • Create attractions and destinations throughout the park
  • Create an identity and image for the park

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