Monday, December 16, 2013

12 Steps to Creating Community Commons

This excerpt is from a free guide entitled " How to Design our World for Happiness"  The commons guide to placemaking, public space, and enjoying a convivial life.  By Jay Walljasper & On the Commons

     12 Steps to Creating a Community Commons

1. Protection from traffic
2.Protection from crime
3.Protection from the elements
4. A place to walk
5. A place to stop and stand
6. A place to sit
7. Things to see
8. Opportunities for conversation
9. Opportunities for play
10. Human-scale size and sensibility
11. Opportunities to enjoy good weather
12. Aesthetic quality

"People are not out in public places because they have to be, but because they love to," notes architect Jan Gehl, an urban design professor Emeritus at the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts." If a place is not appealing they can go elsewhere. That means the quality of public space has to become important."  The above is a guide to evaluating public spaces.. in order to have a successful space Gehl finds that the following need to be present. 

for more ideas check out the entire guide:

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